(1 Corinthians 10:1-4)

In the book of Exodus, there is a passage referring to the actions of the Israelis after Passover. It says, “After the Passover Lamb . . . saved their life, they were led to freedom. Then they demonstrated their faith by walking through the sea.”

In a way, the obedience of the Israelis was like their baptism, similar to the baptism of a new believer in Jesus Christ. God was saying to Israel (as He was saying in our scripture reference to the early Christian church), “Look, once you take that first step, there’s no going back!” Once God brought the waters of the sea together again, there was no going back to slavery in Egypt. They had to walk forward on their journey of faith.

The same is true when we accept Christ. We are then to be baptized as a testimony of our faith in Christ. When we enter those baptismal waters, there’s no going back! We’ve determined to make it to the Promised Land . . . and with faith and by His grace, we will complete our journey with joy.


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